our values

Sharing economy, which is the model we are inspired by, teaches us a few things:
  • To consider colleagues as brothers with whom share the journey of working life and beyond;
  • To consider customers as people to whom we can give value and from whom we are considered suppliers of value. How? Starting from the assumption that "I am not always right and you are not always wrong";
  • To offer a work environment, physical and psychological, where you feel good;
  • To consider the economy a terrain for everyone and from which everyone must obtain improvements in their living conditions, and not a source of wealth for few people.

In this context, ICT is crucial because today new technologies enrich those who follow change and impoverish those who resist change. We try to help you innovate and guide change without undergoing it.

If only we were able to live sharing economy, a social economy capable of uniting and not of exploiting, the world could start building peace again. There is no peace without justice. We try, with our mistakes, with our weaknesses, we strive to build a business model that creates human relationships, that improves everyone's life.
Only by an economy capable of building communion and relations between women and men  we will be able to give a better future to our children and a more peaceful life for ourselves.

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