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IT security services, because corporate cybersecurity can no longer be overlooked

IT security services, because corporate cybersecurity can no longer be overlooked

Defending yourself from cyber attacks is possible through training and valuable best practices

Keeping up to ensure the protection of corporate IT systems and networks is not an easy task, especially in the era of industry 4.0. Cybersecurity is a thorny issue like few others, not only because the number of hacker attacks increases year by year, but because compared to other digital skills it is still considered by many managers to be a secondary issue, and therefore not worthy of particular attention.

Until a decade ago or so, widespread ignorance of corporate IT security systems did not create insurmountable problems. Today is different. The world is increasingly interconnected and this means that it is becoming increasingly potentially hackable. Basically, everything connected to the Internet can be attacked.


Security of IT systems, the situation in Italy

Every company, regardless of size, is theoretically exposed to a cyber attack. Many have already suffered it. Often, when a company's IT security manager finds out, he is careful not to leak it out (for obvious reasons of reputation for customers). This suggests that the leakage of sensitive data and the breaches within the systems are a rarity and not an obvious and constant risk. This constitutes a deterrent for companies that therefore tend to underestimate the importance of implementing efficient IT security services, capable of countering any hacker threats.

Much of the success of the attacks is not only caused by malicious software but by the human factor. Many cyber crises originate with a simple e-mail that someone downloads completely unaware of the possible risks. This does not mean that each professional must evolve to an IT security expert; however, today a basic culture of cyber security is needed within companies and agencies.

IT security services, best practices

So how can cyber threats be mitigated? What can managers and directors do to ensure the security of IT systems following the growing digitalisation of companies?

In order for each organization to understand and evaluate security and risks effectively, it is necessary to have a hacker and malware proof cyber security plan. The plan must take into account the security level of the IT infrastructure, IT security controls and audits (i.e. a periodic technical assessment of the security status of IT systems) and data protection.
Another aspect that plays a crucial role is represented by training. In fact, only by increasing the level of digital culture (as well as the specific one on attacks and techniques for securing computer networks) it is possible to effectively counter any cyber attacks. In this regard, we reccomend the Cyberchallenge national program, the 1st cyber security training program aimed at young graduates and undergraduates.

Carrying out a risk analysis can be a fundamental element for monitoring any hacker attacks. Experts advise to make periodic risk assessments in order to identify any dangers / risks to which the organization's IT infrastructure is exposed. This practice is useful in isolating all types of identifiable threats (digital and physical) such as online data breach or power outages. Thanks to this analysis / test, it is possible to identify any weaknesses in the corporate IT security system, establish priorities and vulnerabilities. It also represents an excellent tool for the formulation of an effective IT security plan, reducing the risk of having to face a much more dangerous violation.

Underestimating the risks related to cyber attacks with consequent violation of corporate IT systems is a gamble that companies cannot afford to take.The effect of cyber attacks affects corporate accounts. According to a report by Accenture (a famous consultancy specializing in technology services), it is estimated that additional costs and lost revenues of companies over the next five years due to cyber attacks can be 5,200 billion dollars worldwide. The survey focuses on how cybercrime can seriously compromise business activities, business growth and innovation.

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