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How to optimize the management of the corporate IT infrastructure

How to optimize the management of the corporate IT infrastructure

3CiME Technology guarantees companies solutions and management services of IT management with high added value and in support of innovation.

The management of a massive amount of computer devices, computers, servers and in general the entire corporate IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and expensive for an organization.

Any activity that involves a considerable expenditure of resources requires special attention and care in management that cannot be left to chance.
Today, IT managers must meet changing business needs with new tools to complement and integrate existing solutions. In a short time, the situation could become too complex to manage and, in the worst case scenario, it could be too late.

Thanks to the solutions made available by 3Cime Technology to manage the IT infrastructure, it is possible to simplify the entire IT management process, transforming the IT department from an expensive cost center to a strategic business resource.

Infrastructure management services in outsourcing: pros and cons

Why should a company rely on the outsourced service of its IT infrastructure? As mentioned above, the degree of complexity of IT systems is gradually increasing. This implies that no company can do without an efficient IT infrastructure: if up until a few years ago this was a support for the business, today it is an integral part of it. On the contrary, one could go so far as to claim that without the decisive support of information technology the business will not be able to survive.

Small and medium enterprises grow and develop thanks to their employees and their (often) multitasking attitude. The same entrepreneur often finds himself dealing at the same time with the commercial aspect, administration and even human resources.

This is why it is increasingly essential to rely on efficient technological systems to facilitate workflows, communication between offices and, in general, company activities.
We come to the crucial point of the question: often managing IT systems autonomously is an objectively complex operation that requires time and resources. This is particularly true in the case of SMEs and is the main reason why many entrepreneurs are convinced to outsource management. Which contains some considerable advantages.

First of all, the savings in terms of time and costs. By entrusting its IT services to third parties, in fact, the resources responsible for IT within the company can be reduced and, at the same time, do not require continuous training to cope with the evolution of technologies. Less time spent on routine tasks translates into more time spent on business.

Another strong point deriving from the outsourced IT infrastructure management service is the high level of scalability. Every company is different and, consequently, even IT systems must adapt to specific needs. An IT service provider knows this very well and is able to offer its customers customized services.

Finally, entrusting IT management to specialized third party companies means putting these services in the hands of a highly specialized team that is constantly updated on developments in the sector.

IT infrastructure management software: get total control of your corporate IT network!

Monitoring of the operational parameters of the data center and, in general, of the entire IT infrastructure is an essential aspect to guarantee the operation of the IT networks and the optimal use.


Through more appropriate software solutions and best practices, administrators have the opportunity to learn more about the environment in which they work and simplify their task.
The monitoring software makes it possible to streamline tasks and obtain updated data on aspects of interest: from the user experience to the anomalies concerning safety. Since each type of monitoring has its own key performance indicators (KPI), in order to select the most suitable instrument it is important that the administrators have knowledge of monitoring best practices.


The IT infrastructure is an integral part of the business. With a solid infrastructure management service software solution, you can eliminate the IT management complexity by focusing on business objectives.


Since it is extremely difficult to identify on the market software solutions capable of monitoring all IT components with a high level of detail, the administrators will have to assess the level of depth of analysis that suits their needs. The main types of monitoring tools cover servers, applications, connected devices and the network.

The solutions proposed by 3CiME Technology allow to adopt an innovative approach to infrastructure management based on software-defined intelligence. Which is to say: faster distribution, simplification of life cycle operations and optimization of productivity thanks to efficient workflow automation.

An IT infrastructure management software therefore makes it possible to significantly accelerate workloads and simplify the overall management of corporate IT.


The choice of a technological partner who will work alongside you (or to whom you entrust completely) in the management and optimization of corporate IT infrastructures must be carefully considered, in order to understand which solution will fit perfectly with your reality.

An experienced, stable partner, with proven experience and expertise like 3CiME Technology, is able to interpret the dynamics and needs of the customer to tailor the best solution for him.


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