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Data encryption is not an obligation enshrined in the GDPR, but it is probably the only technology dictated in the GDPR itself. In the face of any data breach as a virus, anyone who does not have encrypted data must report to the Privacy Guard within 72 hours of the incident. Not a good business card ...

Now, encryption of data can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the risks, the type of data, the spending capability, and the application and performance needs. We believe that the encryption data files proposed by 3CiME among the data file encryption methods, all based on data encryption software files, are the least invasive and most powerful today available on the market. You need to have a business data encryption strategy at least at the data encryption server.


3CiME Technology is a close partner to the customer for the interpretation of the GDPR

Is it a requirement contained in the GDPR to encrypt the data?

The GDPR does not require organizations to activate data encryption policies, but it definitely stimulates the application by passing the self-reporting obligation to the Privacy Guard within 72 hours against a Data Protection Violation. The GDPR therefore pushes to encourage the encryption of data without making it compulsory. In fact, the use of data encryption technologies should spread in companies also to protect their industrial secrets.

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Are there penalties if my data is not encrypted?

There are no direct penalties, but in the face of a data breach the company that did not provide the data encriptyon must comply with the self-reporting obligation to the Privacy Guard within 72 hours of the incident. Depending on the outcome of the audits that are subsequently carried out, the organization risks both civil and administrative-monetary risks, which may amount to penalties of up to EUR 20,000,000 or even up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover.

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3CiME Technology collaborates by years with Partners to protect Customers from the self-reporting obligation to the Privacy Guard against a date breach

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