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Disaster recovery Services

No organization can afford the luxury of suspending business activities and processes. On the contrary, it must ensure operational continuity and deal with any problems by acquiring a Disaster Recovery plan.

The costs of downtime, in fact, are incalculable and any loss of data can seriously jeopardize the very existence of the company. Data loss is not only caused by natural disasters, power outages, hardware failures and errors committed by users, but it is more and more often the consequence of problems encountered with the software and harmful events related to computer security. It is therefore essential to use Disaster Recovery solutions aimed at minimizing losses and downtime. This is an extremely topical need because data centers are increasingly software-defined, hybrid and public clouds and, consequently, increasingly exposed to this type of threat.

Most Disaster Recovery solutions are still approximate, lacking the ability to scale depending on the data produced by the companies. To overcome these difficulties, it is of fundamental importance to create a customized Disaster Recovery plan, that is to say calibrated to the customer's needs.

3CiMETechnology is able to support you in the definition of the project, in the implementation phase, and, finally, in the management of Disaster Recovery. We are in fact specialized in offering a complete disaster recovery service, which is the natural follow-up to a correct and adequate disaster recovery plan. A Disaster Recovery project is forced custom, therefore it requires a personalized disaster recovery plan that evaluates different Disaster Recovery solutions, even within the same organization. 3CiME is also able to support you or guide you in disaster recovery management, also providing appropriate disaster recovery tests: we are in fact faced with a plan similar to that of civil protection and things, or we try them in time, or, at the time of need , they can only be improvised.
Finally, the Disaster Decovery plan can be seen as an investment, but more and more frequently, as Disaster Recovery services, on-premise or in the cloud.

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3CiME Technology is a close partner to the customer for the interpretation of the GDPR

We do not need DR: we have the back-up!

This is the most common mistake, and Disaster Ricovery is often confused with business continuity: a correct strategy envisions all of these solutions, which respond to different needs. All of these projects can be made from virtualization, back-up or storage technologies. Which one to choose is the shared way with the customer who harmonizes budgets and restart requirements. Once again, walking with the customer is the right way

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But what's the point if I'm not in a seismic area

Apart from the fact that we discovered only in 2012 that the Emilian plain is a seismic area, Disaster Ricovery is also contemplated for other, more or less probable and frequent problems that today may be needed: the most frequent and least considered is the electric shock, but we think of the failure of a cloud provider to which we have entrusted our systems, fires, terrorist attacks. In short, the DR is a matter of common sense

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3CiME Technology collaborates by years with Partners to provide customers solutions of disaster recovery of fully virtualized or hybrid infrastructures both on premise and cloud
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Business continuity and disaster recovery in Cloud

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