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ASCOT CERAMICHE renews its infrastructure with the operating rent formula

Ascot Ceramiche
Customer: Ascot Ceramiche
Realization: March 2017
Services: Data backup services, Business continuity, Disaster recovery

DATACORE environment migration from a SanSymphony V infrastructure to an overcovering VSAN, revision of the back up and introduction of a cloud DR system with BARRACUDA

DataCore migration from a San Symphony V infrastructure to a vSAN hyperconvergent, data backup service revision and introduction of a Cloud Disaster Recovery solution with Barracuda. These are the main innovations introduced by data backup and Disaster Recovery services designed by 3CiME Technology for Ascot Ceramiche, which is thus set to renew its infrastructure, keeping pace with technological changes.

Ascot ceramiche has decided to support its business by aligning itself, in fact, with the technological innovations offered by the market. In this perspective, after a preliminary cost-benefit analysis phase, we migrated the infrastructure from a classic DataCore system (San Symphony V) to DataCore's new vSAN hyperconvergent solution, with the aim of improving performance and reducing costs . Furthermore, thanks to the Barracuda technology, we have re-engineered the entire Ascot Ceramiche data backup service, also introducing a Disaster Recovery solution, which provides for saving data also in the Barracuda Cloud, with the availability of virtual machines for the restart in the face of a disaster.

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Installation and configuration of the new Business Continuity environment based on DataCore technology

Datacore is a leader in software-defined storage, and has proven technologies that, together with the expertise, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology, have been made available to the customer for the creation of the new Busieness Continuity environment.
DataCore software-defined storage allows organizations to easily manage and scalare data storage architectures, with huge performance improvements offered at a fraction of the cost of hardware vendor storage solutions owned by other vendors.

Installation and configuration of the new backup environment and disaster recovery technology based on Barracuda

In the client's infrastructure, it was considered advisable to propose the Barracuda Backup solution as a unified and cost-effective solution for data protection in physical, virtual, and SaaS environments: a comprehensive backup solution with remote archiving, easy to purchase, install and manage
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You will find more details on the functionality of a back-up and disaster recovery system with BARRACUDA technology

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