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Gruppo Concorde
The strategic choice of operational continuity



Atlas Concorde guarantees operational continuity to its systems to safeguard the core business of the company

Gruppo Concorde
Customer: Gruppo Concorde
Realization: September 2016
Services: Business continuity
Business Continuity solution - DataCore

Business continuity project between the headquarters of Spezzano (Ceramiche Atlas) and the main data center of Fiorano Modenese (Ceramiche Caesar)

Atlas Concorde guarantees Business Continuity to its systems to safeguard the company's core business, relying on the services provided by 3CiME Technology. A strategic choice, in the name of business continuity. The project runs between the Spezzano headquarters (Atlas Ceramics) and the main data center of Fiorano Modenese (Ceramiche Caesar).

The presence of two fiber-connected data centers made it possible to distribute the two DataCore San Symphony V nodes, creating a geographical mirroring a few kilometers away. Thanks to the synchronous mirroring of DataCore today, the Business Continuity services are guaranteed to the customer: in the event of a disaster on a node, in fact, there is the possibility of continuing to operate on the other DataCore node without any risk of data loss.

Likewise, routine maintenance operations can also be carried out during normal working hours, operating first on one node and then on the other. Both in the event of a disaster or due to budgeted maintenance, DataCore's re-mirroring system allows automatic data realignment, without complex operations being carried out by the IT Manager and constantly ensuring Business Continuity services.

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Installation and configuration of the new Business Continuity environment based on DataCore technology

Datacore is a leader in software-defined storage, and has proven technologies that, together with the expertise, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology, have been made available to the customer for the creation of the new Business Continuity environment.
DataCore software-defined storage allows organizations to easily manage and scalare data storage architectures, with huge performance improvements offered at a fraction of the cost of hardware vendor storage solutions owned by other vendors.
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You will find more details about the proper configuration of a VIRTUAL SAN system with DATACORE technology

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