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T>per Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia Romagna
A state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery

The reengineering of backup and deployment of disaster recovery with
commvault technology


T>per renews the backup by introducing a disaster recovery system with Commvault Tencology

T>per Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia Romagna
Customer: T>per Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia Romagna
Realization: December 2015
Services: Data backup services, Disaster recovery

Commvault technology based disaster recovery project

Avant-garde data backup and Disaster Recovery services: this was the goal set by T> Per, punctually implemented thanks to the consultancy of 3CiME Technology. The project, based on Commvault technology, consisted of the complete overhaul of the on-premise data backup system and the activation of a new Disaster Recovery service at the Lepida public data center.

Grazie alla tecnologia Commvault è stato possibile effettuare copia dei dati in locale su NAS (Network Attached Storage) e una seconda copia in tape library. Per l'implementazione del Disaster Recovery presso Lepida, grazie al sistema di comunicazione tra i media agent di Commvault, è stato possibile effettuare una dash copy full dei dati e successivamente solo copie incrementali, a garanzia dei servizi di backup dei dati.

Thanks to Commvault technology it was possible to copy data locally on NAS (Network Attached Storage) and a second copy in tape library. For the implementation of the Disaster Recovery at Lepida, thanks to the communication system between Commvault's media agents, it was possible to perform a full data copy dash and then only incremental copies, to guarantee data backup services.

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Installation and configuration of the new backup and disaster recovery environment based on Commvault technology

Commvault also for 2016 has been superseded by Gartner as the best backup and distater recovery technology being placed at the top and right of the Magic Quadrant. Commvault Simpana identifies the answer to the problem of back up and disaster recovery.
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