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Any company operating in the modern market, regardless of sector, nature and size, needs to have a secure and robust data storage and big data system.

In fact, data today represent a real corporate asset and as such must be safeguarded. Furthermore, with a view to protecting privacy, corporate data is a sensitive element and not infrequently they are subject to hacker attacks by hackers. If we also add the fact that, in recent times, the type and quantity of strategic-sensitive data has exponentially increased, it is easy to explain the real need to have a corporate data storage system that guarantees its safety.

But what is meant by storage of company data? How does it work exactly? What are the costs for the company? What are the concrete benefits? And what's the difference with cloud storage?

Data storage and big data: what it is and how it works 

Data storage refers to the process of identifying and moving inactive data to
outside current production systems in specialized storage storage systems for a long time
term. Data movement optimizes the performance of the necessary resources, while specialized storage systems store information at a lower cost and provide retrieval when needed.
The archiving process cannot be left to the user. Organizations define custom policies for moving qualified data into archives. The settings of these policies are used to automate the process of identifying and moving the appropriate data into the storage system. Once entered into the archiving system, the information remains online and accessible.

Why equip yourself with a data storage system: the main advantages

The automation of the data storage process and the use of specific archiving systems
They offer innumerable advantages, among others: the optimization of the execution, the use of a lower number of resources and the reduction of the overall storage costs of the production systems.

The company's production performance is not affected by the repercussions of the increase in information volume. The backup and recovery process runs faster, disaster recovery is less expensive and the systems are easier to manage.
There are also secondary advantages in terms of speed of use of the data, always available and available according to need.

Data storage and backup: what changes?

​One of the most frequent questions around the subject of data storage is: what is the difference with a backup system?​

Although the semantic boundary between the two concepts is rather marked, enormous confusion continues to be made, and they are often used as synonyms.

The backup of the files essentially consists in making a copy of the files on specific supports (which can be physical or cloud) with the purpose of redundant the data (at least those considered important) keeping a security copy in case of unpleasant events or computer disasters . It is carried out mainly for security reasons and to avoid suffering considerable losses in the event of an unexpected event.

Archiving is a substantially different concept. It is not made to protect files or to dispose of them in case of data loss, but to store the information in an archive (precisely) for the simple reason that they are not used on a current basis.

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